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I initially read about century eggs from my father just after he returned from one of his trips to Southeast Asia in the nineteen-sixties. They are also identified as hundred-yr-outdated eggs, thousand-year-outdated eggs, pidan, millennium eggs, black eggs and, as they’re extra only recognized at HuNan Taste in West Orlando, preserved eggs. Some have even referred to them as a single of the world’s most disgusting meals.

I really do not imagine I’d go that much but the mere imagined of them could possibly be ample to convert some folks away. And if the believed doesn’t do it then the visual appearance may possibly.

Hunan Taste coriander

Hunan Taste egg

I for a person couldn’t pass up striving them immediately after hearing about them so a lot of decades ago and then acquiring them on a menu in Orlando. First of all, even with some of the other names the dish carries, they are not hundreds or 1000’s of yrs old. They do, nevertheless, just take a number of weeks, even months, to make. It involves coating the complete eggs – duck eggs usually although rooster and quail eggs are used, way too – in a kind of mud fashioned out of quicklime powder, sodium bicarbonate and plant ash, sealed from air and retained at place temperature for a thirty day period or two.

When finished and the shell removed, the egg “whites” will have turned a purplish black but will even now be translucent. And the yolk will have turn into a deep bluish eco-friendly that’s approximately impossible to describe with no referring to bodily fluids. Let us just say they appear like a terrible bruise.

This process of preserving eggs is stated to have been learned, by accident, someday all through the Ming Dynasty when, in a single of quite a few apocryphal tales, when a cook poured soaked tea leaves into the stove ash wherever his ducks occasionally laid their eggs. When he observed them months later on, he eradicated the shell and ate one particular.

You imagine the very first man or woman to take in a raw oyster was brave? Consider of the intestinal fortitude, virtually, of that guy.

But if the eggs were anything at all like the types served as appetizers at HuNan Flavor it’s quick to see why they turned a delicacy. The albumen of the hen’s egg had a gelatinous texture, practically like pickled seaweed, and the yolk, greatest eaten with one’s eyes shut, was creamy. And a nutritious dose of spicy chili oil and a handful of coriander aided.

Hunan Taste beef

The recipe for preserved eggs may be hundreds of a long time old but the principle of dry pot design only dates back again to the nineteen-seventies. The most shocking factor you are likely to detect about a single of the dry pot specialties, like the beef brisket I tried, is that it is fairly wet. The term is simply a distinction from regular scorching-pot cooking, which is done at the desk. Dry pot is finished in the kitchen.

The ideal issue about the beef brisket pot was not the meat, which was fairly sinewy and chewy, but fairly the vegetables – pink and environmentally friendly peppers, onions and celery – and mushrooms, cooked so they had been continue to chewy (but in a fantastic way).

Hunan Taste duck

I also had the duck in beer sauce, however there was not significantly beery about the sauce. In actuality, I identified it tough to distinguish it from the sauce the beef was in, which is not to say that it wasn’t superior. In truth, I appreciated the ahead spicing and lushness of the sauce. But listed here all over again the protein was not as pleasing as the veggies, which also experienced the bell peppers but integrated huge items of ginger and various full cloves of garlic. The duck was cleavered into modest items so that seeking to get order on plenty of duck with your teeth was complicated. There have been also too quite a few bone shards.

Hunan Taste dumplings

Aside from the preserved egg I sampled the pan-fried dumplings, which have been modest and stuffed with a minced material. I actually couldn’t notify if it was pork or rooster, the flavor gave no clue.

Following time I will not bother with a little something as pedestrian as pot stickers. But I just may possibly be establishing a style for preserved eggs.

HuNan Taste is 5148 W. Colonial Drive, Orlando (map). It is open up for lunch and meal day-to-day. The cell phone amount is 407-930-3188.