Hitting the snowmobile trails? Take these precautions

There are more than 10,000 miles of snowmobile trails throughout New York. A lot of those trails are on private property that landowners allow access to, but experienced riders say it’s crucial riders stay on marked trails to protect the overall system.

Sticking to the trails keeps riders safe. It decreases the likelihood of getting stuck and causing damage to the trail.

Expert riders, like Dave Pullis, say to ride right. That means follow signage, respect the landowners and watch your speed.

Having been a member of snowmobile clubs, Pullis encourages all riders to join or volunteer.

Local clubs are responsible for trail upkeep, which helps ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

“Enjoy the freedom and the scenery. To me, it’s my outlet. It’s my stress outlet,” said Pullis.

Snow trails are groomed throughout the season. Volunteers are welcome to help and riders should pay caution to groomers.

Snowmobile riders should always check trail conditions before heading out.

Recently, the New York State Snowmobile Association launched an app that provides the up to date trail conditions and maps.