Galactic Starcruiser May Not Be in the Stars For Me

As a lifelong Star Wars fan, I appreciate most all the things about the genre. I adore the flicks, I delight in purchasing the items, I have visited Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Walt Disney World, and when Disney released Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser as a possibility for 2021, I tried out to encourage myself this was a thing that I must seem ahead to.

Even nevertheless I enjoy anything new Disney introduces to its loyal admirers, right after investigating the most recent information and facts, I am not searching forward to getting a visitor at the immersive encounter. I am normally open up-minded and enthusiastic about the prospect of going through a little something new Disney provides us, so it is really not standard for me to assessment something negatively that I haven’t however experienced. I am informed it is not truthful to choose anything that I have not still tried using. So I will say this: with all of the facts obtainable to us, I am not experience that Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser is for me.

Here is why this sort of knowledge just does not make my listing of new experiences to be excited about, and what could persuade me to rethink it:


I have been emotion trapped, as we all have, for a 12 months. I do not want to be truly feel locked-in with my spouse and children (no offense, core 5) anymore. I want to be no cost and outdoors, and be in a position to arrive and go as I you should. The thought of staying shuttered in one more environment helps make me experience claustrophobic.

As soon as we enter, we are locked inside of. The knowledge has been in comparison numerous periods to a cruise ship voyage when you get onboard, you are there to keep. And I do not want that sensation this 12 months. I want to come to feel like I can depart.

The Starcruiser cabins look modest there are bunk beds, and cabins rest 5, but the pictures display a extremely cramped space.

Photograph by Morning Brew on Unsplash


Though we do not have remaining fees for this vacation resort stay, we also can’t reserve a booking yet. Disney does not have an opening date for this two-working day keep. I am well prepared that this could not be an affordable possibility, and if it is a splurge, will it be worthwhile? I say no, that it is not well worth staying holed up for countless numbers of pounds when I can really feel just as immersed in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

The Immersive Expertise

I am a watcher. I am not 1 to gown in costume, parading about pretending I am a character from a motion picture. It isn’t my design and style. The full immersion of the Starcruiser features a extremely included solution as friends will take part as if they are portion of the story. For instance, you could be known as on to be a hero during your keep. I don’t feel I want to be a hero.

I like to rest on holiday vacation, and not basically assume much too a lot. The term “adventure” is in there for a purpose, and I’m not absolutely sure becoming an explorer is in my holiday type. I speculate about the social component as very well. It reminds me of sitting with other folks on cruise ships throughout meal time. I am the one particular who requests to journey with my household by yourself, and the Galactic Starcruiser knowledge appears that it will be pretty social. Not to say I am an unfriendly particular person, but I never want to make new buddies on my trip it is not aspect of my way of vacationing.

Photograph by Michael Marais on Unsplash

Worry Factor

The idea of launching into a new earth, and the word “simulation” remaining used by Disney to describe the journey, conjures up feelings of Mission: Room in Epcot and Star Tours in Hollywood Studios. I no longer check out these two attractions mainly because I are inclined to come to be motion ill on them. My worry is generally not emotion very well in this cruise-like setting that utilizes motion simulation.

So, I question myself: what it would get to persuade me to alter my mind? I would almost certainly be enticed if I saw some outdoor areas. I would want to know if I can open up a window for contemporary air. I am also interested in the overall health protocols needed to open up this journey.

I would like additional info on the exclusive encounters. Maybe some VIP news will arise as I’m noticing that there will be adventures into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. I think there is a probability of having the land for myself for a brief time period of time, and a assured boarding go to Increase of the Resistance.

It may well spark an fascination for me if there ended up cabin choices devoid of bunk beds. In the long run, the pricing will also have a key affect. Also, to be cozy in the course of the two times that I am there, I need to know that there is an escape hatch. And what am I feeding on on the Halcyon, anyway?!

What do you assume about Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser as an selection for a holiday vacation at Walt Disney Earth? Are you in or out? Whichever adventure path you opt for: May THE Drive BE WITH YOU…

Featured picture credit rating: Photograph by Tobias Cornille on Unsplash