Disney Releases Details Regarding Six New Characters Coming to Galactic Starcruiser

Star Wars enthusiasts have obtained a gift this Life Day: new specifics about some of the people that will carry the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser to life when it debuts on March 1st, 2022. While visitors aboard the Halcyon may possibly meet the likes of Rey and Kylo Ren (cue the ominous new music), quite a few new characters are currently being developed entirely for the Starcruiser.

Let’s let Disney introduce us to 6 of the new characters now. And just a phrase of warning: keep an eye out for that Lieutenant Croy. He looks like difficulties. Gulp.

Captain Riyola Keevan

Charismatic, highly regarded and dependable, Captain Keevan will lead your voyage aboard the Halcyon starcruiser. She is a potent and decisive chief, endearing herself to both of those her crew and her travellers by being truthful to all and interesting underneath force – a talent she’s figured out from her … “adventurous” history. You will most likely locate the captain on the ship’s bridge – and you’d be clever to hear diligently and comply with her recommendations.

Cruise Director Lenka Mok

There is a lot exciting to be had aboard the starcruiser, and Lenka Mok is your go-to crew member to explore it all. As the captain’s right hand, Mok is in demand of onboard entertainment, so it’s her position to make sure your voyage is an journey. An optimistic and joyful soul, Mok’s contentment is derived from yours, so this is undoubtedly another person you will want to meet!


This astromech droid is Mok’s assistant cruise director, making certain items operate efficiently and on time. He retains an eye on all the workings of the ship and is devoted to Mok and Captain Keevan. And even though he enjoys to have fun with attendees, he’s also superior in a pinch if something ought to go awry (a single of his several concealed skills).

Sammie the Mechanic

Sammie’s proficiency as the ship’s new mechanic is basically not his most endearing feature. His enthusiasm and excellent-natured identity speedily gained around the starcruiser’s crew and that helps make him well-liked among attendees who occur throughout his path. He’s clearly eager to demonstrate himself on these kinds of a well-appointed vessel, and his tasks always feel to get accomplished … by some means.


D3-O9 is an additional droid you could see surface on viewscreens onboard the Halcyon starcruiser. Her key accountability is working ship logistics, so she unquestionably is aware of absolutely everyone and everything happening onboard all through a voyage. But her beloved part of the career is conversing with passengers. Crafted generations ago by Chandrila Star Line’s founder, D3 has witnessed the ship’s record – and the entire galaxy – evolve, and she’s not shy about sharing her expertise and views with passengers.

Initial Buy Lt. Harman Croy

Even though the Halcyon starcruiser is a satisfaction vessel, this is a stormy time in the galaxy as battles rage among the Initial Purchase and the Resistance – and it is typically unachievable to prevent the conflict. The bold and intimidating Lt. Croy is on special assignment to root out and expose any Resistance fighters who are rumored to be aboard the ship. Will you assist him? Will you assist the Resistance? Will you just sit back and see how the complete detail performs out? The decision is yours.

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Resource: Disney Parks Blog site