Cosmic Rewind on Your Must-do List? Read These 4 Tips First!

It will not be long now in advance of you and I are zooming and zipping our way through an formally open Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. The attraction opens on May possibly 27th, and if you are hoping to get a boarding group or obtain an Specific Lightning Lane for the new journey on your following pay a visit to to EPCOT, I have a couple ideas to share. And if you’re hoping to keep away from spoilers, really don’t fret. I ducked and included whilst the spoilers ended up flying before my 1st Once-a-year Passholder preview ride, so I’ll maintain the spoilers for now.

#1 Beware the queasy tummy.

So, yeah…this looks to be the largest issue on everyone’s head ahead of they experience GOTG: Cosmic Rewind. The fateful “Am I gonna get sick?” question looms substantial above this attraction, and for superior purpose. You’ll see custodial solid users below and there in the journey making, and yep, if they’ve bought a spray bottle in hand, they are accomplishing accurately what you think they’re performing. Visitors are finding unwell on the trip, and all those with quickly upset tummies would be wise to acquire a pair of actions.

1st of all, Dramamine is your close friend. Whatsoever you usually acquire when you locate by yourself in cases that may possibly make you motion sick, just take it. The attraction car moves you to glimpse in selected instructions at particular instances all while relocating swiftly alongside a monitor. If you are delicate to these matters, acquire actions ahead of time. The automobile does not spin like a Mad Tea Bash teacup does, alternatively, it turns to direct your attention towards a particular region. Which provides me to my upcoming piece of advice.

Essentially, my hubby is extra delicate to motion than I am, so this upcoming nugget is a lot more his than mine: only appear forward. Appear in which the Imagineers who made the attraction want you to search, and you’ll be a lot less impacted by all of the movement. It is when you commence craning to see all the issues all over and powering you that movement sensitive peeps may possibly have a dilemma.

Just one final piece of guidance: sit towards the middle of the practice of autos. Ryno was the initially to issue this out, and he’s 100% ideal. I’ve experienced the terrific fortune of riding Cosmic Rewind three situations so far, and I rode in the entrance motor vehicle (row 2) my first time. I am a thrill junkie I’ll experience just about anything at all, and even I stepped off of the journey that first time and felt just a tad whiffy. Not horribly so, but just a bit. My 2nd preview experience was in row 4 (2nd car or truck), and almost everything was great without a trace of sensation off. My 3rd ride was in row 6, and my hubby remarked about the amplified smoothness of that row. He’s proper, and while I just can’t ensure that the cast members grouping company on the experience will be equipped to accommodate certain row requests, it could possibly be truly worth a shot to question.

#2 Provide an umbrella. And a snack.

Cosmic Rewind’s indoor queue retains about 30 minutes value of persons. Whilst we should not have far too a lot of a again up the moment the attraction opens and utilizes its boarding teams and Lightning Lanes, the previews have found folks ready for the experience for up to an hour, with a lot of that hold out remaining outside in the sunlight. Fortunately, diamond-shaped umbrellas have now been included to the out of doors part of the queue, but I was so glad that I experienced introduced together my rain umbrella just in case. If you’ve received an umbrella, you have obtained shade, correct? I was also content that I had brought a water bottle and very little snack with me as very well. Waiting around in the incredibly hot sunlight devoid of drinking water or food items will increase the possibility of a queasy tummy, and I required the chance to take pleasure in the experience to its fullest.

#3 Pack Your Persistence.

Even the most established of Walt Disney World sights has its off times stuffed with downtimes. Insert to it that this one’s model-spanking new and that folks are acquiring ill on it, and 3 strikes, you’re out. In the three moments that I’ve ridden the attraction, I have had to hold out via prolonged downtimes, experienced the queue dumped after waiting around for approximately an hour mainly because the attraction just would not behave, and also had an amazingly extended hold out time all through which we received no updates. We just waited and waited until eventually ultimately (hallelujah!) the line started to go once again.

Times like this are assured to take place, and even however cast associates are executing all they can to keep things swimming appropriate along, in some cases there’s just absolutely nothing to do but grin and bear it. My assistance is to strike the bathroom in advance of you get in line, and deliver along that water bottle that I advised in tip #2 for a sip right here and there. Also, the moments at which downtimes take place may leave you in a place with a bunch of other guests, so deliver a confront mask if that is something that will enable you greater navigate that second. Also, these are times when your telephone can be your most effective friend (flipping as a result of social can make any downtime go by speedier, right?), so think about swapping out your FuelRod for a fresh new one particular just before getting in line. Maintain your eyes on the prize in no time you are going to be having fun with an experience with the Guardians and the aggravation of any downtime that you may have expert will fade in the rearview mirror.

#4 This attraction is Brilliant. Have fun.

Hear, my preferred attraction in Disney California Experience is Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout. I love this group of hapless buddies. Sooo much. Do you have to like Peter Quill et al, Marvel Comics, Kevin Feige, the folks of Xandar, or the Marvel Cinematic Universe to appreciate this attraction? Nope. Not at all. Just sit again, pay attention to the story becoming established up for you, and savor each moment. It’s a enjoyment and thrilling trip, and it’s shot to the best of my checklist of favorite Disney sights. It is just that superior.

There are other items of information that I may possibly give you in the upcoming, but they entail spoilers, so I’ll wait to share those people. For now. 😉

If you’ve experienced the probability to preview Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind and you have a spoiler-cost-free nugget of suggestions that you’d like to share, please do so in the feedback portion underneath. Many thanks!