‘Concerted’ to pay volunteers in concert, event tickets

CINCINNATI — There’s now a new way you can go see your favorite singer or band for free. A Cincinnati woman started a nonprofit that pays you in concert tickets. 

What You Need To Know

  • ‘Concerted’ is a new nonprofit that gives you concert tickets in exchange for volunteer hours 
  • Sarah Murray is the owner of the group and started it to get more people to volunteer and bring people together 
  • Murray has partnered with 150 volunteer organizations, and dozens of concert venues to make it all happen

Sarah Murray knows there’s always a need at blood donation centers, so she volunteered to give, but what she didn’t know is doing volunteering would help her in more ways than one. 

“This idea has been ten years in my brain,” said Murray. 

Her idea was to combine her passion for volunteering with her love of music. 

“Getting folks more involved in shows and widely inaccessible events is kinda how it was born,” said Murray. 

She started a nonprofit called ‘Concerted’ where you pick a place to volunteer and get paid in concert and event tickets. 

“Every volunteer hour is a point and those points can all be cashed in towards concert tickets, MLB tickets, theater tickets, and fine arts,” said Murray.

To make it all happen, she says she partnered with concert event venues to big-name show tickets and teamed up with about 150 volunteer organizations in the greater Cincinnati area. 

“Volunteer opportunities with animals or poverty alleviation or civic engagement, so there’s something for everybody on there,” said Murray.

From there, she said they use grant money to buy the concert tickets, but you would only need to log in your volunteer hours online to get them. 

She said in the past two months, since they’ve been up and running, thousands have already volunteered. 

“I love people. I think that my core of my being, I just want people to, like, spend more time loving one another because I think that on a holistic view is the point of this whole thing,” said Murray.

If you’d like to sign up to volunteer for concert tickets and to find out more information about ‘Concerted’, click here.