Comedian Jerry Garcia to perform throughout SoCal

LOS ANGELES — It all started in the streets of Huntington Park, California. That’s where comedian Jerry Garcia found his voice.

Growing up as a child of immigrant parents from Mexico and El Salvador, Garcia grasped the cultural humor of life as a first-generation American, and let those observational expressions flow in the classroom.

“I was always the class clown, the kid down to do anything for a laugh and was named funniest student in our 8th grade class yearbook,” Garcia said.

His educators knew he had an exceptional gift for gab and empowered him from a young age to explore career opportunities around it.

“Teachers encouraged me to follow my funny side and pursue comedy, and at that time comedians such as Eddie Murphy, George Lopez and Paul Rodriguez were professionals that inspired me,” he said.

And the encouragement of those teachers went a long way. Garcia committed himself full time to his craft, performing at local venues throughout Los Angeles.

As life continued to unfold for the comic, encountering challenges like living life as a single parent of three only fueled his material further. After building a following of diverse fans, from Latino audiences and to parents of all backgrounds, Garcia was presented with a special opportunity — his very own special.

“My HBO Special ‘It’s Not My Weekend’ is truly special to me because I was able to bring my true me to life. As a single father of three boys, the struggles are real and hilarious when you really stop and think about it. Single parenting has become a norm today and I feel I connect with not only single parents but all parents from all walks of life,” Garcia said.

After a successful HBO special, the award-winning comic has returned to doing what he loves, touring the country and performing stand-up for America’s diverse audiences. Now, he is extra excited to return to his hometown this month and perform again in Los Angeles.

“There is nothing like performing in Los Angeles in front of people who speak my LA native language and vibe with my slang and way of being,” he explained.

Garcia’s next local show will take place in the city of Lynwood at El Farallon, on Friday March 31st. The local venue has featured iconic Mexican musicians for generations, and Garcia says he is honored to share the same stage.

“I cannot believe how far and how much stand-up comedy has given me. I’ve toured the country and some of the world, traveling overseas to perform for our troops. It’s a dream I hope I never wake up from.”

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