Clyde Butcher Exhibit “America’s Everglades” in Clearwater

CLEARWATER, Fla. — He’s a Florida gem and a nationwide treasure.

Photographer Clyde Butcher has committed his art and do the job to guarding Florida’s Everglades—since the 1980s.

“Yeah, it never ever will get uninteresting,” explained Clyde Butcher.

Clyde Butcher needs to immerse you in the Large Cypress Swamp. That’s why he will make his pictures so major. His exhibition “America’s Everglades” is on display at the Key Clearwater Library, on screen as a result of Could 2022.

“Well, it is really definitely superior for general public destinations like this,” claimed Butcher of the Library spot.

Butcher claims the pics enable people see far more than just beach locations and topic parks in Florida.

A 2017 stroke threatened his do the job, but he’s fought again. He’s utilizing a electronic digicam as an alternative of the heavier camera he’s applied in the previous. A walker can help him continue to be mobile, and he’s ruined two so far trekking through the swamp.

He says his perform will carry on since the swamp needs security.