Checking Out the Main Street Cinema as the Temporary Confectionery

There is a thing so iconic about walking into the Major Avenue Confectionery just following you’ve entered Magic Kingdom. The smell of all the sweets gloriously swirling all-around the store as you test to determine which a single (or two, ahem) to pick out is what goals are produced of.

From the pastel-colored accents encompassing you to the display kitchen that permits company to notice solid customers delicately hand-beautify the carameled apples, there is far more than 1 explanation to truly feel that nostalgia inside of this store.

We’re not certain what this refurbishment will entail, but we hope that the identical nostalgia we’ve developed to adore will continue to be there in the specifics.

As we formerly described, the Primary Avenue Confectionery is at this time shut for refurbishment, and Disney has not announced how lengthy the closure will previous.

Worry not, my sweets and treats-loving good friends, Craig stopped by the Magic Kingdom and observed the Main Street Cinema loaded with all the goodies you can imagine.

From individuals beloved candy apples to popcorn and other packaged candy, it really is all there.

You can even obtain some fun things for your kitchen like aprons and oven mitts.

A minimal birdie advised us that the marquee outside has been given its update and now displays what is actually actually inside of currently. Allow us know in the responses if you end by!