Cedar Point raises gate ticket prices to $85

SANDUSKY, Ohio — Cedar Point, the nation’s second-oldest amusement park in operation, is raising its gate ticket prices to $85 — which is $10 more than last year. 

What You Need To Know

  • Tickets at the gate are increasing this year by $10
  • Cedar Point is offering a pre-season ticket sale with a cheaper option for thrill seekers
  • Along with the price hike, the park is making a flurry of changes

Thrill seekers can save some money though by buying tickets in advance. Currently, Cedar Point is offering a pre-season ticket sale for $45, and its cheapest season pass being offered is the Gold Pass at $135. 

Five years ago, tickets at the gate were $67. 

The uptick in price is one of many changes the park is making this year. Cedar Point said it will also be going cashless as the pandemic persists.

“There are plenty of benefits, both for guests and our parks. Cashless transactions are faster, safer and more secure. Guests can spend less time in the check-out waiting on change and more time hitting up their favorite rides or other attractions,” said Gary Rhodes, a spokesperson for Cedar Point’s parent company Cedar Fair. 

Officials are also making changes to the park. The Wicked Twisted roller coaster has been removed, which Cedar Point said was done to make room for improvements that have yet to be announced. 

Cedar Point has also removed Antique Cars from Frontier Town to build a new eatery. 

Cedar Point, like many other parks and businesses throughout the nation, struggled last year because of the pandemic. The park struggled to find workers, and in turn hiked up pay to $20 an hour and cut back on hours.

This year, the park plans to open Saturday, May 7.