Broadway League president breaks down new vaccination policy

Charlotte St. Martin, the president of trade association The Broadway League, joined NY1 Saturday to break down Broadway’s latest mask and vaccination policies.

“Each theater owner has their own customer base and their own decisions,” St. Martin said.

While vaccination requirements for audience members are now being left up to individual theaters starting Sunday, masks are still mandated at all theaters through May 31. And vaccination requirements for cast and crew are still in place.

“I don’t think there’s any question that actors and the people that work backstage have a different environment than the audience has,” St. Martin said. “Whether they’re hugging and kissing or dancing and sweating, that’s a different form of safety that we need to be able to make sure we manage carefully.”

St. Martin said the new policy was arrived at consultation with theater owners, unions, and epidemiologists.

She also discussed audience’s return to theaters and the upcoming Tony Awards.