Black Currency Podcast created for diverse audience

MADISON, Wis. — A Madison-area group of friends with ties to the hip hop community decided it was time for a podcast geared toward money matters for the Black and BIPOC communities.

What You Need To Know

  • A new finance podcast was created for the Black and BIPOC communities
  • It helps diverse groups reach their indvidual goals
  • They bring in Black financial specialists for an array of topics and ask them anything

The Black Currency Podcast brings on an array of different financial specialists — all with diverse backgrounds.  

Creator Corey Whitmore said after years of contemplating, about six months ago, he and two friends, came together to work on the exciting project.

“Because when we look back at ourselves maybe 15 years younger and said, what type of information would we have liked to have or would we have needed to be in a better position now?” Whitmore said about the new effort.

Co-host Opal Ellyse said it is critical for her community to see individuals that look like her rise to such successful positions.
“Be able to speak on things like budgeting to be able to speak on things like real estate, retirement into stocks, all of these different things,” Ellyse said. “Entrepreneurship. Cryptocurrency has really been amazing. So not only are people learning but they’re seeing themselves and these jobs and these things that they could be doing as well and can be experts in which is what we hope for.”

Producer and Co-host Bradley Thomas said he is so grateful that the show focuses. on sharing the wealth and removing the shame.

“I just felt like we’re breaking down to terms in a way where it’s it’s fun to like, I feel like I’m in a classroom right now,” Thomas said. “You know, just taking all these notes and figuring out how to how to move money around how to save money. And the fact that it’s free I feel like people are getting once we start building together each one to one. That’s how we grow. This continues to snowball.”

Those interested can find the Black Currency Podcast, on numerous streaming services, including at–.