Baking competition, auction highlight Fairfield County Fair

LANCASTER, Ohio – The Fairfield County Fair’s baking competition is a tradition for Lancaster native Christa Moody.

“I am not a competitive person, until it comes to fair baking, and then I’m extremely competitive,” said Moody. 

Moody has taken part in the Fairfield County Fair’s baking competition for two decades. 

What You Need To Know

  • The Fairfield County Fair bake sale and Blue Ribbon Auction have been long-time annual traditions 
  • Winners take home 60% of the prize money and 40% is invested in fairgrounds infrastructure 
  • Lancaster native Christa Moody had two “best of show” winners in the competition

But this year she outdid herself, preparing 53 baked goods over a one-week period to be judged. 

“I told my husband, next week you’re out of the kitchen, can not come in the kitchen. It’s mine. I retired this past January, so it’s afforded me a lot more time to spend on my baking,” said Moody. 

Moody said her pie and cake recipes are from her mother and grandmother, along with some of her own and even selections from old church cookbooks. 

Her efforts led to two “Best of Shows” and three items at the top table in the Blue Ribbon Auction.

The baker keeps 60% of the proceeds and 40% goes to the hall for renovation. 

Moody said beyond the awards and earnings, the Fairfield County Fair is about family and friends. 

“Some years I have good years and some years not so much but it’s OK. Again, seeing the people and the community just loves this fair so much. And it’s just so heartwarming,” said Moody. 

And as for her encore next year, the Lancaster native and mother of two said she’ll be ready. 

“As time goes on, I know I’m not going to be able to do this amount, but as long as I can, why not?,” said Moody. 

This year’s Blue Ribbon Auction was the largest and most successful in its 24-year history.