Are the High Wait Times due to Disney Genie+ or is it Just Busy?

On Oct 19th, 2021 Disney Genie and Disney Genie+ introduced and adjusted the way company can strategy their vacations. Numerous Disney followers have been involved that the new Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane procedure would impact wait moments for the standby strains. I have been watching the wait instances because the start to see if I detect any adjustments. Certainly, there has been a bounce in hold out situations considering the fact that the 50th anniversary began right here at Walt Disney World. 

I have been in the parks a several periods considering the fact that the 50th anniversary started and I could see a variance in the group concentrations especially at Epcot and Magic Kingdom. I didn’t notice a lot of a variance in hold out situations or group levels because the 50th anniversary started at Animal Kingdom. I was able to wander on to every single attraction other than Flight of Passage, which I only waited about 20 minutes for even although the posted hold out time was 30 minutes. In this write-up, I will be looking into the hold out moments at Animal Kingdom to see if there has been a significant improve because the addition of Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane. For reference, when I was past in Animal Kingdom, every single attraction experienced a wait around time involving 5 to 20 minutes and the maximum wait around time was Flight of Passage. I am curious to see if these attractions have been influenced. I have listened to from some solid users that the stand-by queue did not appear to be impacted throughout non-peak hours but that all through peak hrs, the stand-by traces have gotten busier. The lines have also appeared to glimpse longer owing to times of halting the standby line to permit the Lightning Lane attendees via. It seems as the merge area of the queue is the most hectic and the place that triggers the standby queue to seem for a longer time. A further note I want to touch on prior to evaluating hold out instances is that for the duration of these peak hours the Lightning Lane has reached wait around periods of 20 minutes, which could affect individuals that use the DAS process. 

As for Animal Kingdom, I have viewed the wait times fluctuate. As I am writing this, Flight of Passage is an 85-minute hold out and it is a weekday. That type of wait around time is some thing I’d usually see on a weekend, not a weekday. All the other sights look to be at a regular hold out time. For example, it appears that all other points of interest are ranging from a 10-minute hold out to a 30-minute hold out, which is what I witnessed very last time in the park. The only change that I have witnessed is with Flight of Passage. On social media, I have been viewing Disney goers talking about how the even bigger and newer sights have been getting the best wait around times considering the fact that Disney Genie+ commenced. I experience like this bounce in wait around instances has to do with the Genie+, Lightning Lane, and the 50th anniversary. We can’t blame it all on just a single thing, even although I consider it has much more to do with the new techniques in put. 

All in all, Disney Genie+ and the Lightning Lane have just commenced and we have to give it a honest demo time to see if it is truly affecting wait instances or not. Even though I really don’t want to use the procedure, I will use it at the very least at the time just to see if it is well worth it. It is significant to believe of how these new programs will be impacting the hold out occasions for your favored sights so you can approach appropriately and see if Disney Genie+ is truly worth it for you. It is also significant to don’t forget that Disney Genie, the no cost alternative, is right here to be your tutorial and help in planning your concept park day. 

Have you utilized Disney Genie+ and Lighting Lane? If so, was it well worth it?