Are Guests Buying MagicBand Plus Bands in Bulk?

MagicBand+ has been a well known matter just lately as we all determine out how to ideal use these new bands and if they are even really worth it. Since the start, I have observed a drastic adjust. On the launch day, I bought three bands and held every band to see the design up shut. The in-park expertise of shopping for a person of these bands has transformed.

At Magic Kingdom and Epcot, I noticed that there are now locks at the start out of just about every row of bands. I requested a Solid Member, “If I preferred to order a band, I would have to check with you, and you’d hand me the band,” and the Cast Member responded, “Yes,” while demonstrating me the unit that opens the lock. Above the locks, I observed the signage that suggests “Limit 2 for each guest,” which I had not viewed previously.

I visited Disney Springs to look at at Disney’s Pin Trading to see if it was the very same. It was not. Listed here you could seize the bands and search at them freely ahead of acquiring. No locks and no signage.

Seeing these locks and signs in the parks received me wondering, “why?”. The only two doable factors I could think of are friends were either shopping for in bulk to promote on the internet, or there experienced been a thieving condition. The initial solution seems to be the a lot more possible choice.

Could you visualize an individual jogging out of the Emporium with two handfuls of MangBand+ bands attempting to flee from safety? The psychological impression does make me snicker. The mental graphic that helps make a lot more sense is a person with two Disney Parks luggage filled with MagicBand+ bands that will later make an overall look on eBay.

These are my speculations. What do you men feel? Why would they insert these locks and the two per particular person restrict on these bands? I want to know what you all feel about this.