Album nominated for a Grammy features an Ohio family

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Wise family of Ohio is a part of One Tribe Collective, which released the album “All One Tribe” in June of 2021 — an album that’s nominated for a Grammy. 

What You Need To Know

  • One Tribe Collective put out “All One Tribe” Juneteenth of 2021
  • The Wise Family is one of 26 families a part of One Tribe Collective 
  • The Wise Family’s “For All” single is a part of the album 
  • “All One Tribe” was nominated for Best Children’s Album 

The Wise family created the song “For All” in July of 2020 in response to the protests and racial injustice they saw across the U.S. Soon after they released the single, they were asked to be a part of One Tribe Collective.

“Twenty-six Black family music artists who joined forces to put this collaborative project called ‘All One Tribe’ together and we’re proud to be a part of that number,” said Ceylon Wise, one of the arrangers for the album. 

One Tribe Collective is made up of families everywhere from New York to California. “All One Tribe” is a true pandemic project made from a collaboration of Zoom calls, emails and voice memos. After its release, the project received nothing but positive feedback. It brings a variety of music including funk, jazz, R&B and reggae.

“To hear something so encouraging and back to back each track had something that was relevant. It was relatable, it was fun, it was educational and it was something that was historic,” said Ashley Wise, who had lead vocals on the track “For All.”

Five months after the album was released, the collective would receive life-changing news. The Wise family was visiting family in Tennessee for Thanksgiving when Ceylon hopped on a Zoom call to hear the collective was nominated for a Grammy.

“I was almost out the window trying to get as good reception as possible, and low and behold the announcement came, and John Baptiste is the one that came out and announced that ‘All One Tribe’ by One Tribe Collective was one of the nominees for Best Children’s Album” 

The Grammy Awards were set for Jan. 31 but was postponed due to a rise in coronavirus cases. Ashley Wise saud no matter the results, they are just proud to be a part of something special.

“We’re just so thankful for the opportunity to share the message that each song that we do that each song that’s on the album and we’re honored to just be a part of this project and see what’s next.” 

If the postponed event is in person, the Wise family does plan to meet up with the other families on the album in L.A. Until then, you can find their YouTube page where they have started posting their latest work celebrating Black History and Women’s History months.