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When you die, would you want to be uploaded to an artificial heaven promising perpetual paradise, as a substitute of facing attainable oblivion? If so, what sort of everlasting reward would you pick, and who would you allow in? And would it modify your mind if you realized your heavenly repose resulted in ecological catastrophe for those people however dwelling? 

All those are some of the weighty concerns prompted by Phoenix Tears’ thought-provoking interactive on-line experience Afterlife Occupation Honest, the most current installment in the Posthumous universe produced by Megan Markham and Mallory Vance. What began as a COVID-period experiment in Zoom theater has — unlike most of its contemporaries — outlasted the pandemic safeguards by exploiting technological know-how to share a persuasive tale, and Afterlife is its most satisfying chapter so significantly.

You really do not require to have attended before incarnations like Recovery or Chilly Situation to participate in the Afterlife Position Fair (whilst there are Easter eggs for these who have) considering that pre-demonstrate examining components will catch you up on sci-fi backstory. Fundamentally, the electronic afterlife technological innovation invented by the Posthumous corporation — which has revolutionized demise for individuals who can pay for it, and sparked an electricity disaster for everyone else — is now in the fingers of opponents, who are holding an annual task reasonable to recruit new staff members.

Members job interview with three potential businesses utilizing Zoom breakout rooms, then devote a mock workday with the 1 that greatest suits their persona: do-gooder Desire On (represented by Amber Fitzsimmons as Rhea Darling), fascist fashionista Dazzling Reaper (Claire Biddiscombe as Sandrine Léo) or anxious mental Repose (Megan Markham as Dr. Eleanor Prism).

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Each player can observe their personal path, discovering different figures and puzzles by talking with the actors and by sending and acquiring messages through Zoom’s chat program. I sent a password to a chatbot, and discovered myself recruited into the anti-afterlife Naturalists by the gorilla-obsessed Eve Connor (Dani Leyhue). Ultimately, I helped her halt battling and variety an alliance with just one of the other associates, which I assumed was a good matter … right up until the surprising ending still left me rethinking my decisions. 

Afterlife Job Fair raises philosophical and moral concerns you could effortlessly debate for times. Nonetheless, this two-hour working experience flies by due to the fact of its great actors, who ably wander a delicate tonal tightrope between dystopian drama and knee-slapping satire. The characters are all sharper, darker and funnier than ever right before, and the solid manages not to break, even when improvising responses to absurd audience tips. If you haven’t plugged into the planet of Posthumous previously, the Afterlife Occupation Fair is the ideal entry level to both brush up equally your résumé and/or your obituary, and snicker devoid of leaving your notebook.