Accessible Fantasyland: Part 1

A single of the superb factors about Walt Disney World is that it is so available that even fabulous fantasies can appear correct for any individual. Take as a excellent instance Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom. It may be a person of the older parts of this common concept park, but it is mainly obtainable to people with disabilities and wheelchair consumers like myself. 

For me, a check out to WDW is not complete without having a twirl by means of Fantasyland (or let’s be honest, several) wherever my creativity can operate wild with fairy tale figures, castles, and adventures. 

Generating a Grand Entrance

The Fantasyland practical experience starts when we’re approaching Magic Kingdom and I commence seeing the tip of Cinderella Castle’s spire in the length. Straight away, I commence contemplating about Tinker Bell, my favourite princesses, and their fantastic tales.

Following we enter the park, I have to pause a moment to take pleasure in the magnificent perspective down Principal Avenue, Usa and the castle vista. We generally acquire photos and check out to locate a photographer (or a number of) who will get some of my husband and I collectively grinning ear to ear.

Creator and partner grinning in entrance of Cinderella’s Castle

Then will come the tough choice of how to enter Fantasyland. If the castle wander-by is open, that is a beautiful way to go and choose some time to take pleasure in the attractive mosaics depicting the story of Cinderella. Nonetheless, I’m pretty partial to having a remaining and then going up the back to see the aspect of the castle and enjoy a different look at of the structure.

On the finest of days, we tend to consider multiple ways about Fantasyland so that we can appreciate all the sights and the specific storytelling about the several figures.

Author with castle in background on the bridge to TomorrowlandCreator with castle in background on the bridge to Tomorrowland

Taking a Whirl

When I was a young lady, as a exclusive take care of, my grandmother would take us to the park in close proximity to her household for a journey on the carrousel. It was a exclusive knowledge because we didn’t do it incredibly normally. But I also don’t forget getting a feeling of the distinctive record of the aged carrousel—the historic horses painted in colourful finery and the creaking of the wood floorboards as they swirled around the center pole. 

I remember getting my time to choose out the fantastic horse to trip. When it turned also tough for me to climb up thanks to my disability, I savored sitting on the specific bench with my grandmother.

So, for me, Prince Charming Regal Carrousel provides up a lot of heat memories of excellent time with my grandmother and remembering her laugh of delight. This carousel is also historic and distinctive because it was originally created in 1917 for a park in Detroit, then moved to Walt Disney Globe in 1971. Ahead of signing up for the park, they up-to-date the carrousel to element Prince Charming and his story with Cinderella, and of study course gallant white horses. But the natural beauty and background of this attraction remain.

Boarding ramp for the carrouselBoarding ramp for the carrousel

The historic character of the carrousel means it is extra fragile than the fashionable rides and therefore just can’t bear the pounds of my motorized wheelchair. Even so, the ride is accessible by transferring into an onsite Disney manual wheelchair and rolling up a ramp to the platform. There I can both transfer to the bench or park the manual wheelchair in a particular reserved place. 

I can in no way get sufficient of twirling with the beautiful horses on this typical carrousel trip!

Author sitting in the Disney manual wheelchair on the carrouselAuthor sitting down in the Disney manual wheelchair on the carrousel

Using Flight

One particular of my should-do’s for a check out to Magic Kingdom is to consider flight with Peter Pan. I appreciate the storytelling of this attraction that starts in the queue path by wandering via the bedrooms of the Darling little ones and introduces Tinker Bell. 

Unfortunately, for me as a wheelchair consumer, this attraction is challenging to board. The age of the attraction usually means I cannot take my wheelchair onto the boarding walkway and so I have to park it several ft from the walkway, and with the help of my spouse I wander to the closest flying pirate ship (numerous supplemental toes) to board. We have to inquire for a limited prevent of the continuously shifting journey and to pull my wheelchair as close as feasible to the walkway. The boarding constraints suggest this attraction is only obtainable to folks capable to wander a limited length on an uneven (bouncy) walkway. (See this post about accessibility difficulties on other vintage points of interest.)

View of the walkway from the vehicle seatSee of the walkway from the car seat

As quickly as I’m seated with my partner, the ride is restarted and we enter the magical worlds of Peter Pan, from conference the Darling youngsters to adventures in Neverland and defeating Captain Hook. It is a marvel to fly about these masterfully painted scenes and the numerous particulars that make them appear so serious. 

When we fly again to the exit, the journey is once more stopped and my spouse pulls up my wheelchair close prior to aiding me to stroll off the ramp. Though I really like this attraction, I do desire it would be updated to make it less complicated for wheelchair people and available for people unable to walk.

The platform to exit is a significant distance to walkThe system to exit is a considerable length to stroll

Going Small

I hardly ever tire of using “it’s a modest world”! It also takes place to be quite available and quick to journey with my wheelchair. There is an entrance down a ramp proven for all those needing accessibility and then an accessible boat that can be boarded with my wheelchair. If it is your first time, come to feel totally free to check with a forged member to issue the way as the typical queue has a lot of stairs to climb. 

Soon after winding down the entry ramp, a solid member will question about your wheelchair and if you can phase down into a boat. It is no anxieties if you are not able to because a boat with a ramp and wheelchair parking place is obtainable. Immediately after this boat pulls up, a solid member will help to board and set stops less than the wheels to present more breaking. From there, it is clean sailing!

We take pleasure in the colors and music as we float by means of the cultures and languages of the attraction. We joke, laugh, and wave to previous favorites and normally deal with to see a little something not found on past outings. 

When the boat slides again up to the dock, a solid member gets rid of the wheel stops and then helps to guide the wheelchair again up the ramp and off the boat. There’s a good deal of turning room and it is harmless with some mindful driving.

Author exiting the boat from the rampAuthor exiting the boat from the ramp

Swimming with the Fishes

Just one of the actually modern points of interest for accessibility is Under the Sea: The Journey of the Minor Mermaid. From the really start out, the queue is fully ramped so I can take pleasure in the beach scene and then descend into the sea cave landscapes of the attraction’s queue conveniently in my wheelchair. As you solution boarding, a cast member will talk to if you will need obtainable boarding and choose you to that area. 

A Cast Member opens the vehicle ramp for boardingA forged member opens the auto ramp for boarding

A cordoned off region offers scooter parking or if you need to have to board with your wheelchair like I do, you can check with a solid member for the “Wave” motor vehicle (due it it getting shaped like a massive ocean wave–I know it also means “wheelchair obtainable motor vehicle,” but isn’t the thought of riding an ocean wave more entertaining? This car or truck opens in the back with a ramp and I can roll my wheelchair right on and sit following to my partner. It is excellent for the reason that I’m in the attraction with every person else and can get pleasure from the thrilling adventures of the mermaid Ariel and her buddies. 

When we get there again from our swim, the journey is slowed and the forged users open up the ramp and can help me to de-board. It’s a quick procedure and truly simple and enjoyable as a wheelchair person.

Closing Views

Regardless of the age of Fantasyland, this land in Magic Kingdom is surprisingly obtainable for wheelchair consumers. It offers me an opportunity to place apart the every day issues I commonly knowledge with accessibility when I vacation and seriously immerse myself in this fantastical and magical location.

In my future short article, I’ll emphasize accessibility of the remaining attractions and the miracles of Fantasyland.