5 things to know about the Orlando Cat Cafe

The Orlando Cat Cafe is more than a place to adopt cats. It’s an ever-changing attraction designed for cuddly cats and coffee consumers.

  1. Sandra Cagan opened the Cat Cafe in 2016. “Never in my wildest dreams did I believe I would do this as my job,” she said.

  2. Sandra’s obsession with kitties started at age 13, when her big brother moved out and went to college. He was allergic to cats, so she could never have one until he left. On the day of our visit to her cafe, she was housing 32 cats.

  3. Each cat at the Orlando Cat Cafe comes from the SPCA of Central Florida. Sandra says the adoption rate is 100%.

  4. Sandra organizes everything from twice monthly cat yoga to high tea.

  5. The Orlando Cat Cafe is actually in Clermont at 532 Cagan Park Ave. (in the Town Center at Cagan Crossings). That’s just about four miles west of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The cost per hour to play with the cats is $10 for adults and $8 for kids. Her coffee shop is next to the cat play area, offering everything from lattes to scones.