5 things to know about student’s Edith Starke tribute

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. — A local college student has been paying tribute — her way to a civil rights activist — and not just during Black History Month.

  1. Delicia Bent is a 19-year-old Stetson University student.
  2. She recently let us into her dorm room to show us her process to channel and pay tribute to her new role model, Edith Starke. “Not a lot of people know that much about her,” she says. “There’s not much information about her, so I thought her story deserved to be told.” She often portrays Starke in theatrical presentations, including one earlier this month at the Deltona Library.
  3. The theater major and budding actress heard about Starke only about six months ago. Starke was a role model for women at a time when mostly men were in charge. She was a highly respected educator, community leader and the first principal of a DeLand school that now bears her name.
  4. “She never stopped trying to make the world a better place,” Bent said about Starke. For instance, Starke was known for buying food and clothing for the less fortunate people of DeLand, and even opened a soda shop for black teenagers during segregation.
  5. Bent now does theatrical reenactments for a woman who died nearly 30 years before she was even born. She has more tribute performances in the works, coming off of one earlier this month. But you can see her next at Stetson University in “A Dolls House: Part II” from April 7 to April 10.