5 things to know about Gators, Ghosts and Goblins

If you think gators are scary, wait until you see what Gatorland is doing for its Halloween haunts.

  1. Gators, Ghosts and Goblins is now in its 4th year at Gatorland.

  2. Dan Carro is the creative director. “I grew up in New York where you have hayrides and pumpkins,” he reminisced, while putting finishing touches on the theme park’s Monster Museum.

  3. Carro turned his childhood nostalgia into skills like sculpting, distressing, and constructing things to create a walk-though, daytime Halloween experience for the whole family.

  4. One of the most unique things about this Halloween haunt is building it within an environment jam-packed with gators. “We are [standing] over hundreds of alligators,” he pointed out, inside one of the themed buildings. “So you’ll be walking over this and sometimes you’ll hear the gators splashing in the water underneath you. And I don’t know a lot of Halloween events having that going on.”

  5. Gators, Ghosts & Goblins is included in regular Gatorland admission. The limited-time event runs weekends starting October 15 through Sunday, Oct. 30, 2022.