2009 December: Five Questions – Pizza Today

Eric Koslowski, owner of Primanti Bros. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, doesn’t look to be using the economic downturn lying down. When possibility knocked, he answered in a massive way. Koslowski a short while ago opened a 4,700-sq.-foot shop by negotiating with the building’s operator. As a end result, product sales are consistently hitting $50,000- in addition a 7 days at his latest place.

Q. Why open a new retail outlet in an ailing financial system?

A: We have been in a position to obtain that landlords are inclined to give quite, quite long-phrase favorable leases correct now for about 60 cents on the dollar, and we have the alternative to order the assets which we most likely could not have accomplished several years in the past. We took around a building that experienced been an out parcel to a browsing center and the position went bankrupt. It was a seafood cafe. It is ordinarily $10,000 to $12,000 (a month in lease) for this sort of developing, and I bought it for $8,000. Alternatively of acquiring a five-to 15-yr lease, I bought a 30-yr lease. Each individual one issue we wanted, the landlord was like, ‘Yeah! We want someone listed here.’

Q. You are giving a prixe fixe family members night menu on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. How is that functioning for you?

A: We genuinely obtained a terrific deal on the home and that currently being, we were capable to have a pretty affordable menu for our shoppers … Tuesdays and Thursdays we do a 20-inch pizza with 3 toppings and a pitcher of Coke for $16.99. You can substitute a pitcher of beer for $17.99. Final Thursday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., we offered like 130 of all those (offers). It was incredible. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, we have strains.

Q. How is business at your other destinations?

A: We essentially have 16-percent development at our two present eating places, 2009 versus 2008. Just about every retailer grew by 16 per cent. People are ‘trading down’ from the bigger-stop dining places to much more inexpensive kinds, but they will not trade down in high-quality. We’ll fi nd that we’ll have The Cheesecake Factory– sort client arrive to our keep due to the fact even nevertheless it’s pizza, it is terrific pizza. They’re not heading to go out and shell out $35 on an entrée, but they’ll go out and get a pleasant pie and a lasagna as long as it is fantastic.

Q. What are your aims for 2010?

A: We’re wanting to do 5 suppliers full in Broward County. I have one (retail outlet) on the ocean, 1 to the west and just one in the center. We want to do one particular to the north and one particular to the south.

Q. What suggestions would you give an operator in a very similar situation?

A: If persons would go out and search, the structures are out there. The ideal pizza products at the suitable rate provides large options proper now for operators.